10 confessions from a Hot Mess Mum

Jun 13, 2020

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If you’ve come here from Instagram where I dished on all of my hot mess Mum-dome (yes that’s a word now) with one embarrassing picture, thank you for not judging and joining me on my blog to share in the rest of my ‘housewife’ fails. If you haven’t come from the infamous Instagram post, you’re missing out! Head to The Cold Coffee Tribe on Instagram now to see what all the fuss is about and join in on the conversation.

There’s been a huge shift lately in the role that social media plays among our community. We’re seeing less of the highlight reel and more authentic, behind the scenes, real life moments that we can relate to, which is a welcomed change from where I’m sitting.

In the interest of putting a stop to the game of comparison and rid ourselves of that niggling guilt, (Am I doing enough? Are my kids happy and healthy? This washing pile is growing life?!?) I’m sharing some seriously neglected aspects of my ‘adult’ life. I really hope that by sharing these moments we can start adjusting our expectations of perfection and accept that our good enough really is more than enough.

I can’t keep my whites white

I mean seriously, if it’s beige, cream, ivory, off white… Don’t even think about bringing it into my house because it’ll last all of 10 minutes and do you think I can figure out how to get those stains out? It’ll be either bleach or let’s tie dye the damn thing and call it a day.

The inside of my car has never seen a vacuum

With so many odd jobs that apparently make up adulthood, this is one that gets neglected because well… People don’t often see the inside of the car and I only have to put up with it for a short period of time. Occasionally you’ll find me burrowing through the mess to remove rubbish, half eaten rice cakes and odd socks that have been kicked underneath the seats but if ever I have the energy to clean, I’ll be putting that effort into my house.

I don’t own an ironing board

Seriously, no iron, no ironing board. So don’t act surprised when you see me out and about in wrinkled clothes.

I’m partial to a good binge session on sugary BP snacks

Oops. There goes my healthy lifestyle image!

Most of my underwear have holes in them

And were 2-3 sizes too big for me because who has time to buy NEW underwear. Well, at least until I found Fresh Sets subscription packages (YES! You can get quality, comfy, affordable underwear delivered on the reg).

I rarely wash my bras

Boobs don’t really sweat though, right? Yeah I know, it’s gross.

I couldn’t be bothered making my kids sit at the dining table for meals

… So we eat in front of the TV, at the coffee table which results in loads of spillages and crumbs being emptied onto our LIGHT GREY carpet. Insert facepalm here.

I am chronically late to every appointment. Ever.

Is this a Mum thing? Or a Me thing? Cue the guilt.

I don’t brush my hair

I typically opt for wash and wear hairstyles because I absolutely don’t have the energy to put into styling fresh locks every morning.

My Mum voice is on point

My parenting philosophies might be all about respectful parenting, effective communication and mindfulness but all those values fly out the window when the kids won’t stop bickering or someone won’t eat their damn dinner for the 5th night in a row.

Well I hope I’ve made you feel a little less alone on this exhausting journey. Share some of your Hot Mess Mum moments in our Facebook group, Mums Who Drink Cold Coffee.

Lea Sharp is a content creator and hot mess Mum in Brisbane, QLD. As a tired Mum of 3, Lea is a passionate advocate for maternal mental health and helps like-minded Mums make life that little bit easier through The Cold Coffee Tribe, a lifestyle website for everyday Mums.


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