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May 17, 2021

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Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m a country girl born and raised in the Barossa Valley! Thank goodness because I sure do love a good glass of wine. I’m also a mumma to one very cheeky toddler, Indi. My goodness she keeps me on my toes! I still have no clue how to juggle this mum life thing with my business but that’s the whole point isn’t it?! We all have no clue what we’re doing some days! But I love dabbling in cut paper, obsess over pretty patterns and love a good statement piece. So my love for all those things has grown into this biz!


How did you become an artist?

I felt a lot of pressure in High School that I had to go to uni to be able to have some kind of “decent” job in life. So as I edged closer to the end of year 12 panic set in… I really had no clue what I enjoyed doing. To be honest I loved working with children but it wasn’t a career I felt myself doing. I have always been somewhat creative and enjoyed creating things so I researched a lot into careers I might like. And well to be honest I enrolled in Uni wanting to do Interior Design! But last minute changed my mind to this thing called Graphic Design…. which I really didn’t know much about.


Uni rolled around and I LOVED it. It was a whole new world of creativity for me. I didn’t have to do the same thing every day (because I’d lose my mind.) I could create so much and there were many various job opportunities out there too so I didn’t feel like I had to make my mind up just yet on where I was headed!


What inspires your creative process?

Oooh, that’s a good one! I honestly think it’s just things I see in the everyday world. Like the other week I was in Kmart (Guilty, don’t tell my partner….) but was looking for bedding for Indi and how they displayed the sheet sets was the best colour palette! Haha that sounds so lame now I’ve actually written it down but truth be told it’s saved on my phone ready for that project to come along so I can use it!


What message do you hope to send through your work?

I don’t think it’s a message as such, It’s more a feeling! I just want people to embrace their love for colour, fun and unique things. I want them to feel happy and be themselves without having to feel like they need to follow trends. They can be themselves and still be so FAB! I think I’ve always struggled with the whole ‘TRENDS’ my entire life.  So I want my work to last a lifetime, not come and go like the trends. It’s there to be seen and make you feel a certain way!


Who are your biggest influences?


I’m always inspired by my wonderful clients! I seem to have totally lucked out with who I surround myself with not only in business but life too! Also the other talented creative journeys I follow, there are sooo many supportive women in my field of work. We all just support and cheer on one another. It’s seriously the best feeling! If I feel I’m not a good fit for a client I’ll always refer them onto one of the other ladies I know is. For me my biggest influences are those who I surround myself with.


Where can our audience go to find out more about you?

It would have to be my Instagram. Go have a stalk on my Insta @wildone_creative it’s where I’m always sharing FAB things! Otherwise you can check out my website www.wildonecreative.com.au where you can find everything about me, my work and grab some Wild One pieces!


Things are a little wild and out there, bright and eye catching but most of all I keep it fun and unique. This is my biz, Wild One Creative. Angela. xx



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