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May 17, 2021

Sheree from  Whimsy kaleidoscope

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Sheree, I’m a Surface/Textile Designer & Illustrator based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. I’m a pug obsessed colour lover and the creator of Whimsy Kaleidoscope

How did you become an artist?

One of my earliest memories of being creative was when I was in Kindergarten. I had a “busy box” where I had a heap of craft supplies, glitter, pipe cleaners and I would sit for hours and craft.

As I got older I loved creating handmade gifts for & cards for people and collaged, but I didn’t end up in a creative career. Eventually I attended some creative workshops in Melbourne and ended up enrolling and completing a Diploma in Surface Design. By then I was on Instagram and sharing some of my collages and paintings, then eventually started sharing my digital patterns and that’s how Whimsy Kaleidoscope came about.

What inspires your creative process?

I love to collage and play with shapes and mix colours and patterns. I get a lot of my ideas from listening to music, often when I’m driving or walking and listening to music I’ll see an image in my head and want to draw it. Sometimes I might just see a colour combo or a shape and think that’s cool and that will be my starting point for a pattern. More recently my drawings and designs have come from memories or nostalgia.

I think its so important to allow yourself time to daydream, play and let go of the pressure to make something that’s perfect. I always have a handful of different unfinished things I’m working on. I have a short attention span so being able to switch from working on illustration to a pattern keeps me motivated.

What message do you hope to send through your work?

A sense of joy and empowerment. I create patterns, illustration and lettering, I think the common theme across these three mediums is joy and empowerment. If you’re wearing one of my designs on clothing I want you to feel joyful and unafraid to stand out from a crowd. My lettering is usually something that resonates strongly with me and I want others to feel connected, empowered or a little bit less alone. My illustrations are quirky and nostalgic. I love drawing dreamy girls or every day scenes/interiors and want to celebrate how unique we all are, but then also how similar we are too.

Who are your biggest influences?

I love Laura Blythman. Her work is so magical and dreamy. I also really love Lisa Congdon, she talks a lot on having solid creative practice and is very inspiring. I have a big list of Australian designers & artists that influence my work, Beci Orpin, Claire Ritchie, Brook Gossen, Shuh, Megan McKean and Rachel Burke.

And then there are the big guys like Andy Warhol & Matisse.

I have been fortunate to build some really strong friendships with women in the creative community, people who have supported me along my biz journey. I admire these girls and they have influenced me with how I run my business. I can’t express how incredibly grateful I am for these girls, they are my supporters, my cheerleaders and my friends and I’d be so lost without them!

Where can our audience go to find out more about you?

Instagram – @whimsykaleidoscope

Website – www.whimsykaleidoscope.com


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